Swimsuit Cut Out Men's Orange

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Swimsuit Cut Out Men's Orange

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The word of the time is freedom! Regardless of gender.

Who said that a bathing bodysuit is just a woman's thing?!
Gozo por Ventura has teamed up with Aniloli Clothing, a slow fashion brand, to do what many have wanted for a long time: a swimsuit for all bodies and genders!
We adapted our perfect modeling from swimwear to bathing suits, pieces so dear to our beloved and very Brazilian carnival!
The new product, exclusive to Carnaval, has a model designed for all bodies, regardless of gender. We have men's and women's swimsuits for all sizes, from XS to 2X. And also in two color options. You can be a goth clubber, wearing our black base, or born to shine all the way through, with the neon orange base. The colors, cutouts and sunken legs present in the swimsuit take you back to the 80s, with all the personality and energy of the time!


  • Anatomical modeling, tested for comfort of all sizes and genders.

- Feminine, canoe neckline and super deep neckline in the back;
- Male, larger armhole and front neckline;

  • Planned sewing to provide more support and greater frontal space, enhancing its volumes;
  • Deep sides, lengthening the legs and enhancing the buttocks;
  • Zero padding or uncomfortable hidden seams;


Here's the perfect size for you, from XS to 2X!

In our table, you can choose the size by comparing it to your current measurements. But if you don't know your measurements, no problem, you can compare them with the size of pants you normally wear.

Size Chart:

Size Pants Waist Hip
US US in in
XS 24-36 176-189 212-224
S 28-30 189-201 224-237
M 32-34 201-
L 36-38 215-231 250-262
XL 40-42 231-246 262-275
1X 44-46 246-261 275-288
2X 48-50 261-274



Are you between two sizes?

If you like to show your volumes more, you can choose the smallest size among them, so that the piece will be closer to the body. But if you prefer something looser, which provides even more comfort, you can choose the size above what you traditionally buy. Here everyone leaves happy!

Still in doubt about which size to choose? You can contact us via Whatsapp, inbox of our Instagram or email. We are at your disposal.


Shiny polyamide exterior, elastic material, easy to dry and thicker than usual, reducing markings. Light lining. Everything for your comfort and freedom.
Outer Fabric: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex;
Inner Lining: 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex;
Line: 100% Polyester;

For your swimsuit to remain beautiful for longer, the ideal is to rinse it off after use. Wash it by hand or in a machine, always at low temperature. Do not bleach. Dry in the shade and do not iron. Your swimsuit deserves affection, keep it dry and correctly folded.