Pleasure to be you


Gozo is proudly the first slow-fashion LGBTQIA+ brand in Brazil for beach, intimate and fetish wear designed for all types of bodies, with its own design and manufacturing ranging from XS to 2X, ranging from sizes 24 to 50. 

At Gozo por Ventura, all shapes and volumes must be shown and valued, not hidden. Highlighting who you really are, bringing freedom to your body and strengthening your personality and self-esteem.


Conceived by designer and entrepreneur Leandro Jammal, Gozo por Ventura was born in 2017 from the need to include dissidents in fashion, discuss current body standards and bring products as accessible tools of expression and resistance. 

Between intensive sewing and modeling classes with a Drag Queen and countless psychoanalysis sessions, the fundamental concept of Gozo por Ventura was developed: empowerment and self-assertion. All the various forms of the human body were studied anthropometrically to create this project to value bodies in all their shapes and aesthetics, through the beachwear e-commerce. Leandro, in his process of self-knowledge, developed his strategy of independence and regaining freedom. With time and brand experience, came the expansion of the areas of activity with the inclusion of new fashion categories. In addition to the beach, now underwear and fetishwear are produced.


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